Wonderful ladies please she needs your advise.

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Am emotionally down to d extend of losing focus, I can’t even read. I had a Bestie, but he is a guy I actually fell in love with him and he did too.
So we went into a relationship together but he didn’t av anything to do with me sexually. But he nags at me a lot, he get pissed off easily with me. He kept saying I don’t understand him and am trying to do.
Fine, he is caring but its only wen am with him, I see d care. But if we should talk on phone, he acts as if he doesn’t. Am already thinking he doesn’t love me so I told him and he said he does but something happened that he can’t tell me on phone until we see.
Its actually affecting me because am really weak emotionally, I just wish I can continue with my life without him. Am confused ma.I just want to be free. Because every time i always feel sad.
What do u think I can do because sometimes if I wanna pray, I find it difficult because am not connected. there was a day I prayed to God to show me d kind of person he is It was den he started behaving anyhow and I had a dream that he was playing many girls.
I felt I can still be patient with him but right now I think I am really affected, what should I do?

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