Man allegedly killed after an argument over rent fee that was initiated by landlord

The 26-years-old As he composed, the story was shared by author Peter Agba Kalu, at Sun Newspaper on Facebook;
The deceased who is reported to be 26-years-old hails from Unubi Anambra state, in Nnewi south authorities and has been allegedly killed after an argument over rent fee that was initiated by the landlord.
Nigerians in Kimberly gathered with Northern Cape chairman at the forefront.
The cops have promised together with the community to provide those 6 individuals involved and yesterday three were caught and kept in custody.
A Nigerian, Chidiebere Nwaojiekwu was about the 1st of December murdered in Northern Cape in Galeshewe place of Kimberly city. Chidiebere is 26 years old and he is from Unubi in Nnewi south Neighborhood government.
Chidiebere is single. He’s a business man that deals in hair piece and accessories.
The landlord of this house did this act he’s currently staying with along with other five boys. It was an argument about lease fee and it resulted in a fight.
The landlord called his boys and they started stabbing him. They pursued after him and Chidiebere ran from the house and kept stabbing at him until he slumped and died. Nigerians were informed and start off investigation and the cops came to secure the area.

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