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I will appreciate if you take your time to read through this email thoroughly.

I love to break down the practical aspect of CPA marketing as many are still confused with the concept.

CPA Marketing also known as Cost per action or cost per acquisition is a process where ‘USA’ companies especially offer a bounty (amount) when an action is taken on their website, such action could be filling a form, completing a survey, making a sales inquiry ,making a purchase etc.

Let me use Microsoft that we all know as an example, they own a platform called Bing, they have it as an offer on bountycpa, the payout for that is $12 that if anyone clicks on your publisher link http://bountycpa.go2cloud.org/SH4BC (this is my masked publisher link) and takes an “action” by filling this simple form, as soon as they click on submit, you earn $12 instantly. It is not just Microsoft that offers such; there are thousands of companies in the USA that are willing to pay you an amount just for promoting their offers especially on your social media platform like Facebook

Now  if you want to make me rich all you have to do is to click on the above link and submit, imagine if 1000 of you click and submit this simple form, Druts Web Hosting  will pay $12 for every lead that was submitted. That will be $12,000, that’s 4,356,000 naira . I hope you saw that figure correctly that’s over four million naira that will be paid out… Sounds unbelievable and too good to be true? Yes it is true …. I have run that campaign previously and earned no less than $ 6,000 the month I tried it. DO NOT MESS WITH THE POWER OF FACEBOOK!!!”

To be successful you need the following:

***Internet connection (not necessarily blazing speed)

***Active CPA account

***Receptive and trainable mindset

***Computer or smart phone

***5-10 hours weekly spent online

***Active Facebook account

***Determination to succeed

How to apply for a CPA ACCOUNT


Remember approval takes about 2 weeks or more


Here are 3 questions they will ask and the responses to give

****Explain how you intend to promote our offers: * I intend to use PPC, Social media, native ads, contextual ads, email marketing, banner display (don’t use all) to drive targeted traffic to advertise offers

****What is your website/blog address: I do not have one but currently working on one

****Do not submit with yahoo email ID

What to do after approval

Be honest in your response, write the country you are located, no need to lie. They accept newbies

If you have any doubts please Google CPA marketing and its earning potential, if you still have doubts email or call for clarification, we will be more than happy to prove that you can earn, if you still have further doubts, this is not for you…. Keep sucking your thumb and play with your belly button, lol.

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